Chingay Parade 2019

Did you spot ArtBeatz’s puppets from our popular musical puppet shows, The Jungle Adventure and Pinocchio at the Chingay Parade 2019? We had so much fun bringing our puppets around Chingay to captivate and interact with the public over the weekends!

ArtBeatz loves creating unique and interactive theatre shows with our puppets to educate and inspire children, and how is this so? Taking children to the theatre ignites spark of imagination within them! Watching and participating in drama/theatre are also extremely effective in teaching children empathy and how to understand other people’s feelings. Bring your child to a theatre show and see how they learn from the new experience!

Our musical puppet show, The Jungle Adventure teaches children the importance of wildlife conservation as well as important life values such as harmony and teamwork! Catch The Jungle Adventure from 24th June to 7th July 2019, and visit here for more information. Tickets available on SISTIC.

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