Playground at the Canopy

This work is about creating fun memories that take place in the realm of wonder. The artwork is the narrative of joy that sparks our senses when we hear “playground”! At any age, the excitement of playing in recreation parks reminds us of adventure, freedom, and creativity.

Together with the artist, participants co-create memories of fond experiences at playgrounds or imagine fantastical playgrounds they dream of playing in.

Through the co-creative process, we aim to take participants on a journey. Maps are synonymous with going on journeys. In the 1760s, British mapmaker, John Spilbury. Spilbury took one of his world maps, pasted it to a sheet of hardwood and cut around the borders of the countries with a fine-bladed saw (jigsaw). The result was a useful visual aid to help children learn world geography.

Like in a playground, this process reimagines what the world can be! This project celebrates the play of wonder and imagination.

Through the use of painting strokes with lines and shapes, participants revisit their memories on the Canopy that represents part of the location. The completed work will take the form of a big tree with a variety of playgrounds.