Torch Up!

Torch Up! was collaboratively supported by ArtBeatz. We jointly produced and facilitated two projects, “Future Youth Abound” and “Ouroboros”, sharing the vision that every person matters in the larger picture of the world, and each person, regardless of their background or ability, has the capacity to contribute to a greater cause.

The 28th South-east Asian games was a historic event for Singapore, hosted in our Jubilee year and also returning to our shores after a 22-year hiatus. Torch Up! was an integral part of the build-up to the SEA Games, offering a platform, through community art to create a legacy that is unique, yet accessible to all. Community art enabled a wider reach to communities with the opportunity to contribute to the Games in their own unique way during this momentous occasion in Singapore’s Jubilee year. More significantly, Torch Up! provided a fantastic platform for all parts of the community to become involved. Hence, the theme, ‘Celebrating The Extraordinary’, bringing together art and sport in a way that was ground-breaking and an eye-opener for many Singaporeans.


“Ouroboros”, by international artist Nicola Anthony, consisted of table tennis balls contributed by over 5,000 young individuals, including Singapore’s National Table Tennis players, who were invited to write their aspirations on them. This resulted in 10,000 spheres, each carrying an individual’s personal wish, correlating to show individuals coming together as an extraordinary collective: a team, family, community, society.

Future Youth abound

“Future Youth Abound” is a celebration of youth and our future as held in their hands. Singapore Only (artist/art educator and Artistic Director of ArtBeatz) through individual expression and a collective contribution, was “Future Youth Abound” able to come to fruition. “Future Youth Abound” was presented with a certificate of appreciation from the SEA Games.