Eco-Explorer Holiday Camp

In collaboration with GRUB Burger Bistro @ Bishan Park, ArtBeatz and IQkidz came together to organise a one-day Eco-Explorer Holiday Camp on 14 June!


During the camp, we encourage children to become Eco-Explorers themselves through an array of Art and Science activities in the lush greenery of Bishan Park.


Art Galore invites children to explore the colorful world of nature with an artistic touch. With activities like flower pressing and leaf printing, children are engaged in visual thinking strategies and creative expression to learn about the natural environment.

Science Alive! is designed to inspire children to use their analytical skills in approaching the nature around us. Exciting hands-on-experiments are guided by friendly facilitators, to enrich children with observational, inference and innovative-thinking abilities.



Everyone had lots of fun exploring the park and also learning how to infuse Art and Science with nature, followed by a hearty lunch at GRUB Burger Bistro!

GRUB has many amazing dishes and activities for you and your family! Check our GRUB on Instagram and Facebook.


Through our Eco-Explorer Holiday Camp, we hope to encourage children to spend more time outdoors to appreciate the beauty of nature as it can combine both learning and playing concurrently!

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