Eco-Warrior Festival

Alongside The Jungle Adventure musical puppet show at Pavilion’s Far East Square, ArtBeatz organised an Eco-Warrior Festival on 6 July which took place before the show.

The festival was built on the idea that everyone can become Eco-Warriors, and we can all play an important part to help save our Earth. Through that, we can also find ways to have fun with our families.

As such, we introduced a variety of arts and crafts activities as well as games which made use of recycled everyday items. For example, we collected a stack of rough paper for all the paper crafts. The activities were inspired by The Jungle Adventure as well, to enforce the message that we can all play a part to save our environment and animals with small actions in our everyday life.

In addition, all the different stations are designed to have different learning points. On top of the activities’ instructions, there are also fun facts about different animals and how mankind has caused harm to them. We hope that by sharing this with the children, they will become more empathetic and grow up to be Eco-Warriors.

Conservation International, Bye Bye Plastic Bags Singapore, Singapore Tiger Week, Our Singapore Reefs and Yarn Bombing Singapore also joined us at the festival to make a stand that we should all care for our environment. There are so many ways we can do it as well as so many reasons why we should do it. Let’s all play a part to protect our one and only Earth!

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