Have you recently spotted many beautiful painted hearts in the “gardens” of your community? 

Garden of HeARTs is a special edition national-level art initiative presented by PAssionArts in commemoration of The Singapore Bicentennial! “Gardens” located around our Singapore community bloom with big, medium and small hearts painted by 30,000 residents and young families, capturing their hopes and dreams for the nation.

Here’s a Garden of HeARTs project led by our ArtBeatz team with the PAssionArts HQ!


ArtBeatz vision is to unite individuals and foster community engagement through collaborative art projects, where art becomes a common language, transcending differences, and connecting and inspiring people from all walks of life!

We are delighted to have collaborated with PAssionArts and facilitate numerous Garden of HeARTs project this year in celebration of the Singapore Bicentennial. It was heartwarming to meet many community members from different walks of life through Garden of HeARTs and paint together with them!


It was a definite joy to speak with many about what Singapore means to them, hearing personal stories that warmed our heart. Each individual painting gave us new perspectives and opened us to an experience of Singapore through their lens… Here are a few of our favorite art pieces that you will enjoy!

A lovely portrait of the besties who grew up together in Singapore – Sketched by ArtBeatz’s artist and painted by the besties!
We loved these vibrant artworks, representing a zesty Singapore?


Take a scroll with your family and loved ones around your community this weekend to catch a glimpse of the beautiful Garden of HeARTs artworks before they are gone!

If you missed the chance to take part in the Garden of HeARTs project, you can always make one at home and tag us @artbeatzsg on Facebook and Instagram to share with us your story! Subscribe to our newsletter here to get updates on when to join our next painting project!

We are excited to collaborate on more community projects, email us at marketing@artbeatz.com.sg or call us at 6554 7428 to learn more about the other projects we have done.