Little Sun


Little SunPowering Learning Naturally!

The Little Sun stores the sun’s rays from the day, to be delivered back as required, to brighten the world of those without electricity at night. It is fun, easy-to-use, light, portable, multi-functional and makes people smile. Best of all, Little Sun is safe, sustainable, and long lasting!

Light is life. The Little Sun is an innovative, solar-powered LED lamp to bring clean, reliable, affordable light to the 1.2 billion people or 20% of the world’s population without access to electricity.

It was designed by artist Olafur Eliasson and engineer Frederik Ottesen, and produced by scientist and social entrepreneur Dr. Irene Lee. Its unique, energy-efficient design comes in the form of a portable, hand-sized sun.

At ArtBeatz, we believe that everyone is creative and has the innate ability to excel. Our programmes are designed to power each individual’s ability to discover and bring out these natural qualities so as to embrace learning as a lifelong developmental process.

Buy a Little Sun to light up someone’s life!