Art La Carte

Nurturing Aesthetic Senses through Designed Creative Experiences

Art La Carte is a creative playground for every child to explore and venture. With the introduction to various themes coupled with the contemporary art approach, students will be exposed to a good array of skills, techniques and materials hence developing their cognitive and motor skills making interesting works of art. Connecting art with the other learning areas such as language, numeracy and science provide the platform for students to expand further into the world of innovation and holistic education extending the depth of visual arts and creativity.

  • Elements and Principles of Art. Introduce visual elements and principles like line, colour, shape, and many more as tools to build works of art.
  • Art Techniques. Focus on the process and fun time discovering the different ways of art making.
  • Art Appreciation. Learn about famous artist, art periods and fine art from history.
  • Cultural Art. Identify and Learn how to make art that is related to specific cultures in this region.
  • Age-appropriate. Lessons are carefully crafted considering the age-groups of each level, with differing levels of motor skills honed.
  • Diverse range of media and techniques. A creative ambience is provided for exploration in various mediums: from drawing to painting, from clay to collage, from craft to print making.
  • Creative expression. Every child is born creative and teachers are merely facilitating the natural self-discovery process to unleash the creativity and confidence to excel.