Culture Rover is an integrated programme that is designed to journey around the world to experience the various cultures in a dioramic mode, immersing children in numerous cultures via multiple genres of the arts. We plan to deliver the sensorial experience with each month exploring a different country through the appreciation of different art forms: theatrical, visual, musical and movement (dance). However, it may not be strictly delineated as many genres are inherently integrated in nature.

  • Diving deep within culture. Culture is embodied through the arts and through artistic explorations we can better understand its context
  • Spanning across cultures. The arts are a channel that threads cultures. Children can compare and contrast between the different art forms across the varying cultures.
  • Appreciating art. Exposure to various visual and performing arts will instil in children arts appreciation skills.
  • Language. Each class begins and ends with greetings from respective languages of the studied culture. Some simple words relating to the lesson will be taught during class as well.
  • Broadening the world. The programme strives to provide and enriching experience to open young minds and hearts to the beauty of diversity and intercultural understanding.
  • Global citizens. We see the need to prepare children at an early age bracket for a borderless world with the trend of globalisation in the 21st century.
  • Integrated education. Culture Rover ties in the many facets of culture and creative expression to provide a holistic learning for the young.

Art forms:

  • Theatrical. Drama activities with traditional folklore will provide the sensorial experience enhancing the emotional intelligence.
  • Visual. Arts and crafts engage children in creative expression in response to various selected art forms around the world.
  • Musical. Music is always a very typical representation if any culture where characteristic rhythms and moods depict certain societies.
  • Movement. Dance has always been interlaced with music. Together they have a long and rich heritage which collectively is practised in culture.