ArtBeatz proudly presents a contemporary adaptation of Carlo Collodi’s classic, Pinocchio. The production was staged inside “a whale theatre” – an art installation of a whale made up of over 10,000 plastic bottles in an island-wide up-cycling effort that gathered over 40,000 plastic bottles. The production aimed to educate children on the importance of Responsibility, Family Love, and Environmental Issues. Pinocchio: A Whale of a Tale was watched by over 10,000 audiences over its month-long season. The venue was transformed into a children’s pop-up theatre, designed to facilitate learning through fun and entertaining activities within the performance and around the space. The scintillating theatrics captured the hearts of children while articulating important life values and lessons to them. During the performance, children were engaged to participate in various scenes. This allowed them to gain a deeper understanding and have hands-on participation in solutions that demonstrated how they can do their part to alleviate marine pollution.

“A Whale Theatre”

Setting a new Singapore record for “Largest Theatre Prop Made Of Plastic Bottles”, awarded by the Singapore Book of Records, the art installation – Whale, was conceptualised to immerse our audiences within the musical. The installation captures the iconic scene inside the whale between ‘Pinocchio’ and ‘Geppetto’ as parent and child. The Whale itself was given a breath of life in the musical, embodying

‘Columbina’, a kind and nurturing whale. The inspiration came upon us, as we wanted to tell a story to remind us all to save our environment and the animals living in it!

The Whale stands at 33.3m long and 2.2m at its highest point. All these plastic bottles came from up-cycling concerted efforts by pre-schoolers across Singapore and assembled by a team of Eco-artists. Indeed, the art-installation aims to showcase to our little ones that every drop of water makes the ocean, every effort counts in protecting our planet.