ArtBeatz champions the need to expose children to new perspectives and ideas, a belief exemplified in our tours and excursions of Singapore’s art locales. Creative approaches to art-making and Singapore’s heritage are examined and explored, and students are introduced to the use of different materials in enriching, multisensory workshops.

Under the tutelage of an experienced, knowledgeable guide, students are given the chance to analyse and discuss contemporary artwork through facilitated discussions. Through these tours, students will be able to flex their critical thinking skills, as they carefully ponder the history and meaning behind each piece studied.

Embracing a more interdisciplinary approach to art, ArtBeatz employs the world around us as a medium to explore art and heritage. Students will get the chance to make discoveries about art outside the classroom, and learn to distinguish the different art movements, styles, and processes.

ArtBeatz aims to cultivate an appreciation for art and help students discover the fun in learning. To better achieve this, the contents and duration of the tours and excursions are tailored to suit specific age groups. When the opportunity presents itself, we also plan for excursions to temporary installations, which can enable students to see their country in new ways, broadening their horizons.

Tours & Workshops

Hike It!

In celebration of Singapore’s heritage, this educational guided programme introduces students to monuments, sculptures and sites of historical and cultural importance along the banks of the Singapore River. It aims to increase visual literacy that stipulates art as a tool to discover Singapore’s colourful past.

Singapore Art Museum

Explore creative approaches to art-making and be exposed to various materials in this fun and sensorial workshop. Children will be given a chance to examine contemporary artworks through facilitated discussions during a guided tour, and subsequently, make crafts inspired by what they have observed…

ArtSafe Tour & Workshop

ArtSafe is one of Singapore’s biggest private art collections, housed in a space of 60,000 square feet, the ever-expanding collection boasts of the most exclusive of local artists. Literally featuring the biggest and the best of Lim Tze Peng, Peh Eng Seng, Lim Leong Seng, and many more. Mr. Ong Teng Huat, a passionate…