Giraffes Singapore

“Stick Your Neck Out for the Common Good”

The ArtBeatz’s team was part of Giraffes Singapore, a volunteer movement initiated by Central Singapore Community Development Council (CDC) as Guest Artist!

The movement hopes to encourage individuals to look beyond themselves and serve their community. 


Introducing to you some of our lovely ArtBeatz’s Giraffes Guest Artist:

You can be a Giraffe like our ArtBeatz’s team too! Find out more about Giraffes Singapore over here.

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Have you recently spotted many beautiful painted hearts in the “gardens” of your community? 

Garden of HeARTs is a special edition national-level art initiative presented by PAssionArts in commemoration of The Singapore Bicentennial! “Gardens” located around our Singapore community bloom with big, medium and small hearts painted by 30,000 residents and young families, capturing their hopes and dreams for the nation.

Here’s a Garden of HeARTs project led by our ArtBeatz team with the PAssionArts HQ!


ArtBeatz vision is to unite individuals and foster community engagement through collaborative art projects, where art becomes a common language, transcending differences, and connecting and inspiring people from all walks of life!

We are delighted to have collaborated with PAssionArts and facilitate numerous Garden of HeARTs project this year in celebration of the Singapore Bicentennial. It was heartwarming to meet many community members from different walks of life through Garden of HeARTs and paint together with them!


It was a definite joy to speak with many about what Singapore means to them, hearing personal stories that warmed our heart. Each individual painting gave us new perspectives and opened us to an experience of Singapore through their lens… Here are a few of our favorite art pieces that you will enjoy!

A lovely portrait of the besties who grew up together in Singapore – Sketched by ArtBeatz’s artist and painted by the besties!
We loved these vibrant artworks, representing a zesty Singapore?


Take a scroll with your family and loved ones around your community this weekend to catch a glimpse of the beautiful Garden of HeARTs artworks before they are gone!

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The Jungle Adventure

Bringing the audience through a rollercoaster ride full of emotions, The Jungle Adventure musical puppet show has warmed all our hearts through the touching story of Mowgli, his family and his animal friends.

From 24 June to 7 July, children of different ages came together with their schools and families to join Mowgli on his adventure to save the jungle and learn about the precious relationship between mankind and animals. This year is the second time we are bringing back The Jungle Adventure production, as per popular demand from everyone!


Inspired from “The Jungle Book” stories by English author Rudyard Kipling (1894), The Jungle Adventure an original musical puppet show that tells the tale of Mowgli and his journey to find who he is and where he belongs. Audiences ventured into the lush jungles of Southeast Asia in this enthralling theatre show and delved into a hypnotic world of wonder and excitement. Action-packed plot, captivating characters, spirited music… You name it we have it!



What is so different about The Jungle Adventure? This theatre show educates children about the importance of wildlife conservation and instill important life values through exciting interactive play and fabulous jungle fun! Children were invited to actively participate in the storyline and experience being part of the show. Not only do they interact with our puppet cast – encouraging Mowgli on his tough expedition to find Raja Utan and save his animal friends, they also help put out the forest fire threatening the wildlife in the Jungle!


Lovely feedback and testimonials from our audiences this year:

“We as parents loved the show and it was really engaging for the kids. We liked the informal seating and thought the floor seating was awesome! ? The performance was unforgettable! We also liked the part where all the audience get to feel the puppets and see how they ‘work’ with humans. Yes, the kids got the ‘Take home message’ too- Reduce, reuse, recycle!”
– BusyKids SG

“A good event for kids, which incorporates the arts and environmental messages aptly without missing the fun elements. A highly interactive puppet show which even my coming 3yo could follow and was engaged totally and independently.”
– @guisiblings

“The show was engaging and that the pupils get to interact and become part of the show was great. Overall we had a great experience.”
– Teacher Yap Earn Chi, Corporation Primary School

“Educational interesting interactive show that bring kids joy and fun throughout!”
– Wendy Yun, Mother 


“We must love nature because we are part of its great beauty.”

Let’s all learn to love our one another, our home and our Mother Earth. The Jungle Adventure has successfully educated and inspired up to 4000 audiences this year!

Concluding The Jungle Adventure this year, ArtBeatz is currently getting ready for our upcoming show in 2020!

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Eco-Warrior Festival

Alongside The Jungle Adventure musical puppet show at Pavilion’s Far East Square, ArtBeatz organized an Eco-Warrior Festival on 6 July which took place before the show.

A free family-fun event for all, the festival was built on the idea that everyone can become Eco-Warriors, and we can all play an important part to help save our Earth. Say hi to our cute Eco-Warriors characters!


Eco-Warrior Festival introduced a variety of arts and crafts activities as well as games which are made out of recycled everyday items! The activities were also along the theme of our musical puppet show, The Jungle Adventure: A Romp On The Wild Side, to enforce the message that we can all play a part to save our environment and animals with small actions in our everyday life.

Featuring our specially curated Ocean Art Exhibition to our Eco-Play, Maker Space and Educational booths, all stations were designed with different learning points about sustainability and conservation to educate and engage children. Fun facts about different animals and how mankind has caused harm to them were also shared in the activities’ instructions to inspire children to be more empathetic and grow up to be Eco-Warriors!

Let’s have the pictures do the talking about our fun-sustainability-filled Eco-Warrior Festival!



A special shoutout to our partners onboard Eco-Warrior Festival: Conservation International, Bye Bye Plastic Bags Singapore, Singapore Tiger Week, Our Singapore Reefs and Yarn Bombing Singapore. Thank you for joining ArtBeatz at our first sustainability festival with your very own unique educational activities to inspire our next generation together us! Check out what fun they had in store for our little Eco-Warriors at the festival:



There are so many ways we can and should care for our environment. Educating children from young about sustainability and conservation will help to grow the next generation of lovers and protectors of our one and only Mother Earth!


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Art Jam

ArtBeatz’s new arts community project! We are hosting community Art Jam on the last Friday of every month, engaging people of different ages and bringing the community together through art.

Every Art Jam session consists of an introduction to the type of art we would be focusing on, as well as a discussion of the works done by international and local artists surrounding that theme. A community artist will then lead a demonstration, and participants are able to ask any questions before they start on their own work.

All participants are able to freely express themselves, and they can create artworks of anything and everything that is related to the theme of the session. After a 3-hour session, they are able to bring home their very own artworks that they can finish up on their own and even display it proudly on their walls.

Participants do not need to have a minimum skill level to join us in Art Jams, because we believe that everyone is able to express their creativity in their own ways. At the same time, you get to make new friends with similar interests and expand your network!

We touch on different types of art forms each session, such as pop art and stencil art, and we are also constantly exploring new ways to create art with the participants.

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Eco-Explorer Holiday Camp

In collaboration with GRUB Burger Bistro @ Bishan Park, ArtBeatz and IQkidz came together to organise a one-day Eco-Explorer Holiday Camp on 14 June!


During the camp, we encourage children to become Eco-Explorers themselves through an array of Art and Science activities in the lush greenery of Bishan Park.


Art Galore invites children to explore the colorful world of nature with an artistic touch. With activities like flower pressing and leaf printing, children are engaged in visual thinking strategies and creative expression to learn about the natural environment.

Science Alive! is designed to inspire children to use their analytical skills in approaching the nature around us. Exciting hands-on-experiments are guided by friendly facilitators, to enrich children with observational, inference and innovative-thinking abilities.



Everyone had lots of fun exploring the park and also learning how to infuse Art and Science with nature, followed by a hearty lunch at GRUB Burger Bistro!

GRUB has many amazing dishes and activities for you and your family! Check our GRUB on Instagram and Facebook.


Through our Eco-Explorer Holiday Camp, we hope to encourage children to spend more time outdoors to appreciate the beauty of nature as it can combine both learning and playing concurrently!

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We had our very first Eco-Festival at Forum The Shopping Mall on 1 and 2 June, where we promoted sustainability and wildlife conservation through a variety of activities for families and their young ones!


Children made their very own sea turtle, whale, jungle animals and even anything they wish using recycled materials at our Arts & Craft Stations! Through these eco-friendly art-making activities, Eco-Festival wants to instill eco-values in children and let them know that they can still have a lot of fun doing arts and crafts while reusing materials. Simple actions like this are small steps they can take to become Eco-Warriors, while learning that their actions can help save endangered animals like sea turtles and whales.


Learning about sustainability through fun – Can you imagine Game Stations made out of ONLY reusable and recycled materials like plastic bottles and cardboard boxes? Children of all ages had lots of fun together too with our innovative games!

Not forgetting our most popular station, Face Painting! We received so many requests, from mythical creatures to superheroes and cartoon characters. Some children even painted on their arms themselves, how talented!


Lastly, we also had a Meet-and-Greet with our very own puppets from The Jungle Adventure: A Romp On The Wild Side! Everyone had lots of fun dancing along to the different songs, led by Pang Goh Lin, Mowgli and Raja Utan.

Join us at The Jungle Adventure on 29, 30 June and 6, 7 July to learn more about wildlife conservation through an interactive musical puppet show. Book your tickets here on SISTIC!

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Garden of HeARTs

ArtBeatz had the opportunity to collaborate with Geylang West Community Club and Queenstown Community Centre for Garden of HeARTS on 6 April and 15, 22 June respectively.

Residents and volunteers from all walks of life came together to paint on heart canvases of different sizes, and we all had a wonderful time interacting and making new friends through arts! From Singapore landmarks to majestic birds and mesmerizing flowers, we have seen so many talented artists from different backgrounds working together to create masterpieces! Even the little ones impressed us with their creativity and artistic skills at such a young age!

All the painted heart canvases will be displayed around the neighborhood, and residents will feel a sense of belonging and see their own artworks displayed around their respective communities!

If you were part of our Garden of HeARTs project, do tag us on Facebook and Instagram with your lovely pictures and artworks!

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Northpoint City Paint Party III (2019)

ArtBeatz hosted our third Paint Party in collaboration with Northpoint City on 16, 17, 23 and 24 March 2019 at the South Atrium. We had so much fun painting with many different families and people from all walks of life!

Over the course of 4 Paint Party sessions, there were a total of 435 participants. While this was a pre-registered event, we received overwhelming responses from the general public and the sessions were all fully packed!

From giraffes to tigers and lions, it was amazing to see how everyone could come up with unique versions of these popular safari animals. Families and friends worked together to paint creative interpretations of the theme and they were free to come up with their own ideas. We are so impressed with everyone’s creativity and hope everyone enjoyed themselves as much as we did!

Some of our participants said that they decided to join the Paint Party because “the whole family likes painting and it was a nice chance to join others and have fun together” as well as “I love to paint and hope to see my artwork displayed”.

When we asked some them what they enjoyed most during the Paint Party, one participant said, “It was their Daddy’s birthday, 17th of March, so it was the most memorable day of bonding for all of us to remember!”

Here is a video featuring one of our participants, saying that she has not painted for 20 to 30 years before the Paint Party and she really enjoyed herself!


Want to see more pictures taken during the Paint Party? Check them out here.

The paintings done during these 4 Paint Party sessions have been put up around the North and South Wing of Northpoint City. Try spotting your own painting, take a picture and tag us on Facebook or Instagram. We would love to see your pictures!

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President’s Young Talents

We had a great time exposing young minds to local artists through the President’s Young Talents exhibition at Singapore Art Museum (SAM)!

The President’s Young Talents is the Singapore’s only mentoring, commissioning and award programme that highlights the work of Singaporean artists aged 35 and below. Discovery Contemporary Art is our educational tour which inspires children (N, K1, K2) to think about art in new and exciting ways, as well as giving them an opportunity to apply their skills in our hands-on workshop!

ArtBeatz embraces a interdisciplinary approach to art and employs the world around us as a medium to explore art and heritage. Students get the chance to make discoveries about art outside the classroom, and learn to distinguish the different art movements, styles, and processes.

Let’s hear from the teachers who brought their kids on our tour:

If you missed these tours, don’t worry, you can check out SAM’s collection which is currently still on display at The National Gallery!

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