School Programmes

Our enrichment programmes aim to build up confidence in young children, empowering them through creative expression and multi-faceted learning.

ArtBeatz is dedicated to delivering quality learning experiences that engage children and  encourage them to approach the world around them with curiosity and intelligence. Through our workshops on drama and visual arts programmes, we strive to equip every child with the tools to explore independently and to express their creative ideas with confidence, and to strengthen their critical thinking skills.

School Programmes

Art La Carte

Art La Carte is a creative playground for every child to explore and venture. With the introduction to various themes coupled with the contemporary art approach, students will be exposed to a good array of skills, techniques and materials hence developing their cognitive and motor skills making interesting works…

Culture Rover is an integrated programme that is designed to journey around the world to experience the various cultures in a dioramic mode, immersing children in numerous cultures via multiple genres of the arts. We plan to deliver the sensorial experience with each month exploring a different country…

Drama Platter

With just a little imagination, we transform the classroom into whole other worlds that expand the horizons of young minds. With speech practices and drama activities weaved into a seamless lesson plan, children get to improve their language, performance and communication skills, all while having loads of fun!

Junior Toastmasters

Voices are the building blocks to create speech and add colours to drama. Junior Toastmasters is designed to be a platform to groom children and furnish them with the capabilities to engage the audience effectively through speech. Step into the limelight in style with Junior Toastmasters now!